Link Love Thursday VIII

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, so this week's Link Love goes out to some funny bloggers from my Bumpzee Day in the Life Community and my Link Love Community on Blog Catalog. Each of these sites will be sure to make you chuckle.

The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely
- Imaginative, irreverent, excruciatingly detailed and hilarious! This writer has quite an imagination and a flair for story telling! Rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

J 4 Jokes- A collection of jokes. Some funny, some stupid. But there are lots of them!

Weird Websites- Even though the author spells "weird" wrong in the title, this is a good one. Find all sorts of bizarre stuff on the internet here.

Idiot Brain-A blog that looks at the incredibly stupid things people do. Funny AND true!

Funny Stupid Short Videos
- The title says it all.

The Paradox that is Elmer Q Gooseburger
- Crazed Brit humor. Brits have a good sense of humor. I got one to marry me, after all.

Pay a visit to these blogs for a good laugh. Check out the Bumpzee Day in the Life Community for lots of other good blogs too.

If you want MORE LINK LOVE, check out the Link Love Community on Blog Catalog and the Link Love Community on BumpZee

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SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for the fun!

hotdogman said...

Don't you just love the Lord Likely Blog?

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