Protection Dogs

Our dog Bailey is a good watch dog. She's an 80 pound mix of Pit Bull, German Shepard and Labrador Retriever, what I call a "North American Mutt." We have one of those "invisible fences" around the perimeter of our 1 acre wooded lot, so she's pretty much got the run of the place. The fence perimeter is about three feet from the front door so when someone she doesn't know comes up the walk, she stands there and barks aggressively. She has freaked out many a solicitor, cable guy and a few of the neighbors too. Nobody gets in our house without her say so!

If this dog charged at you, you'd freak out too! She'll stop acting aggressive on command too.

She is GREAT with kids. She would never harm our kids (or any kid), she loves to lick them-especially toddlers. Our three year old loves her and she has no fear of dogs having known Bailey all her life.

Having a good watch dog is, in my book, better than any alarm system. Most burglars just won't mess with a house that has a big dog. They'll just move on to the next house if they hear a threatening "woof."

Many folks are realizing this fact and getting protection dogs as family pets. German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois are all good protection dogs and are great family pets too. Each breed is loyal, gentle with their family and they're all great watch dogs. These dogs run about a hundred pounds and would scare the crap out of anyone who may be up to no good on your property. offers these breeds for sale as personal protection dogs. They'll fly you out to their facility to train your new dog too. Every one of their dogs is unconditionally guaranteed for health and you must be completely happy with your dog or you can return it!

We had a German Shepard when I was a kid. They're terrific dogs. I'd get another some day because they fit the bill for a good protection dog.

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