Love and Romance or Love and Marriage

When I got divorced and was figuring out how to get over a break up, I was lucky enough to be living with a friend whose wife was a bartender. We spent many a night in that bar-a now defunct Houlihan's- and my friend did his best to introduce me around to the available single ladies.

Now I can be pretty romantic when I have to be and I had to be during those times. A freshly divorced father of three needs to put a little spice into his dates lest the ladies run screaming from the building. I must say it was interesting "getting back in the game" and one night a cute little blond bartender decided I'd be a good candidate for a neck rub.

It was a very good neck rub. I was in love.

She was also figuring out how to get over a break up so we commiserated (amongst other things) and started dating. We had a fun and romantic courtship, moved in together (kids and all) and eventually got married.

Now, our idea of a romantic evening is take out chinese food and an R-Rated movie. We still do the neck rub thing and that's better than a candlelight dinner any day of the week!

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