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The gang at Horizon Technologies gets a kick out of this site. The reason they do is because Jeff, one of the top salespeople in the company and a regular customer, goads them into looking at the site whenever I mention him. Jeff likes to tell me his tales of home improvements and his latest obsession is his riding lawnmower repairs and associated fall clean-up tasks. If you want to know everything about the mechanical deficiencies of Jeff's mower, come to the Hot Dog Truck at about 2PM any day and he'd be happy to tell you.

One of the corporate wonks out in the West Coast Home Office, a guy named "ODB" (short for Old Dirty Bastard) thinks he's got the goods on Jeff. He sent in this guest "post" as a goof on Jeff:

Dear All – I have decided to leave Horizon & pursue my
passion of owning my own business and working with grass.

Below you will find a picture of my new “Hot Dog Wagon”
I will mow your lawn & deliver you a hot dog for $ 19.99
plus tip n sh**….

Well now ODB, I guess you should leave the writing and the hot dog making to the professionals. Feel free to continue goofing on Jeff though.

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