Medicscan - Your Medical Card Scanner

Everyone knows it can be a real pain in the ass to go see a doctor. The amount of hoops insurance companies make you jump through is ridiculous. First you need a referral from your primary care doctor. Then there's the paperwork. Every time you see a new doctor, you have to fill out reams of forms and you'd better have that medical card with you.

I don't blame the doctors, they're forced into the bureaucratic paper shuffling by the insurance companies. Anything they can do to reduce paperwork is a good thing for them and their patients. That's why every doctor's office needs a Medicscan medical card scanner.

The Medicscan + ScanShell 800N is a small desktop device that plugs into any PC. It scans both sides of a patient's medical card and store's it in the doctor's office computer. The scanned image can be emailed or exported to third party applications. It can even be used to scan a new card.

This may not seem revolutionary, but it WILL cut down on paperwork. A referring doctor can email your info to the next doctor and eliminate some of the paperwork. You'll still need to fill out forms, but it will cut down on the number of forms thus saving the patient and the office staff valuable time. It should also reduce the stacks of paper in the files.

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