Oh the Pain

I have pretty good teeth, even though most of them have fillings. I had braces as a kid so they're pretty straight too. When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let my brother and I have Novocaine when we needed fillings. I get the willies just typing this sentence and thinking about it, talk about painful! My dad eventually intervened on our behalf and we were allowed the Novocaine. But I still hate the dentist to this day because of those memories of pain. That's probably why I take such good care of my teeth, so I won't need painful procedures.

A few months ago, I had to close the Hot Dog Truck on a Monday because a filling popped out Sunday night. I was biting into a boneless spare rib from the Pu Pu Platter we had ordered with our dinner and I felt the filling come out. Pain coursed through the exposed nerve and I actually cried out. For the rest of the night, a full on throb emanated from the exposed nerve. I needed to see the dentist Monday morning STAT! They finished with me at 12:30, too late to open up the Hot Dog Truck (it takes an hour and a half just to set up).

I wish I had known aboutDentemp OS then. It is a product that allows you to repair a missing filling or attach a crown that's come loose. Even though it's only a temporary dental repair, I could have gone to the dentist "off hours" and opened up that day. I didn't even know this product was available. The next time I lose a filling, I'll grab some Dentemp OS to ease my pain and let me conveniently schedule the permanent repair.

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