Return of the Fenway Flashback

I remember one time my buddy and I that I shared the bleacher seats with scored some box seats at Fenway on the third base side. We were in the second row, right behind the visiting on deck circle. Most of the seats in this section were season ticket holders and we were viewed as crazy, drunken interlopers from the bleachers!

The Sox were playing the Angels and Roger Clemens was pitching. This was Tim Salmon's rookie year and he was off to a good start as a highly touted hitter. (Salmon went on to glory with the Angels in the 2002 World Series). Naturally, I decided to bust his balls. Every time he came to bat, I yelled in a booming, Rasta man accented voice "HEY SAL-MON, SOMETHING'S FISHY IN THE STRIKE ZONE!" or some other similar nonsense.

He came up in the first with one out and a man on first. I was yelling at him do us a favor "HEY SAL-MON, GIVE US THE DOUBLE PLAY SO WE CAN GO FISHING!" He complied.

He booted a Mo Vaughn line drive in the second so I just kept busting his balls. Every time he came into view. Even the stodgy season ticket holders started to get into it. When he came up in the 4th, the guy next to me said "Get on him again."

I did. SAL-MON struck out.

I stayed on him and he grounded weakly to second his next time up.

I grew even more merciless and he struck out again to start the ninth.

The Sox won 3-1.

They won again the next day, but SAL-MON went 1 for 1 with a walk and a sacrifice fly for 2 RBI. I guess he hits better without a lunatic future hot dog man screaming nonsensical abuse at him in a Jamaican accent!

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