Parking or Flying

In the movies and on TV, whenever someone is driving somewhere, they invariably find a parking spot right in front of wherever they're going. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or how much traffic there is, there's always a parking spot for the main character, even at the airport. Heaven forbid they use a parking garage, but that probably wouldn't do much for the continuity of the movie.

Too bad Pro Park America can't get a movie product placement deal for their many garages throughout the country. If they had a deal, we'd see more parking garages in movies and more realistic parking by characters. Even though Pro Park America offers convenient parking options at airports and garages all over the USA, their rapid shuttle services can't compare to the unreality of a parking space out front.

I live near Boston, a city notorious for its parking woes. If you can find a space, you will most likely pay big bucks. Heck, it costs $40 to park at Fenway! And if you tourists want to "Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd," Harvard Square parking is not much cheaper. Parking and tickets to Fenway are so expensive, it's actually cheaper to fly to Baltimore to watch the Sox play at Camden Yards!

We did just that a few years ago. I was spending time with friends out in Western Mass and a bunch of us drove to Bradley international airport, parked the car (we didn't use Bradley Airport long term parking as we just flew down for the day), flew to Baltimore and cabbed it over to Camden Yards.

There were no parking spots in front of the park.

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