Update on the Hot Dog Truck

A little over a week ago, I told everyone my landlord kicked me off my spot. He gave me three days notice to move my business. He's building a car wash on the property and there is no room for the Hot Dog Truck or customer cars. I will not be at the same spot in the spring time. Massachusetts Law requires I be given 30 days written notice. I have not moved and have still not been given proper notice. My lawyer is handling the details and his advice to me has been "go sell hot dogs." Well, my lawyer informed me today that I will be staying in the same spot until the end of the year. He made the landlord see the error of his ways (ie he threatened to sue the pants off him) so I can stay! I had planned to close for the season on December 21, so this is perfect!

I will eventually relocate; there are plenty of spots for me and the best hot dogs on the planet. I will NOT be open in the winter, period. I've been open the past two winters and it's a "break even" proposition" at best. Plus it's friggin cold! If I do my student teaching, I won't reopen until the school year ends.

I'd really LOVE to open a small "hot dog joint" in a "real" location someday. I'd call it "The Hot Dog Truck Diner" and it would most likely do very well!

The journey continues......

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BoS Vlad said...

Since I haven’t seen you on recently on my site I figured I come see you on yours. :)

Sorry to hear about your current location dilemma, but, as you say, when you’re selling the best hot dogs around there’re bound to be tons of good spots to vend them. Park it and they will come or something like that.

I’ll be visiting my son in Bristol RI sometime this fall and I’d happily stop by and chew the fat with you, so to speak, if Southborough is nearby. Let me know.

All the best, Vlad

P.S. Harvey Rulz!

hotdogman said...


Haven't done much NOLFing lately-a bit here and there. There aren't that many playing anymore :o(

Is the BoS site back up? I'll check it out tonight!


Edwin Beinecke said...

Yup, we still around...barely. Stop in and say "Hi".


Andy said...

Good to see you didn't get kicked out. Good luck finding a new spot.

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