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This is a picture of me, the Hotdogman. I suffer from chronic back pain. Back in the mid 90's, when I owned my duct cleaning business, I injured my back by pulling just about every muscle you can possibly pull in the lower back. Since that time, I've had intermittent bouts with excruciating back pain. I've also had some shoulder issues, mostly due to throwing 8 gajillion baseballs to my teams over the years.

My back is what I'd call "tricky." I can go for months without pain. I can move huge pieces of furniture or push a car around and experience no ill effects. I can also simply sneeze and throw my back out for two weeks!

The shoulder is easier to predict. It hurts during baseball season. I ice it regularly and put all sorts of balms and ointments on it to ease the pain.

There's a new product I recently became aware of called Freeze It Gel that says it can help me with my ailments. Freeze It Gel eases back, neck and shoulder pain plus pain associated with exercise. It's made from camphor, menthol, aloe, vitamin E and something called ILEX which is an extract from a South American Holly shrub. All you need to do to ease your pain is rub some Freeze It Gel on the affected area and let the stuff do its magic. Sounds like Ben Gay on steroids to me! You can watch their commercial here:

Another good use for Freeze It Gel is to kill any muscle pain before bed. If you're too stiff and achy to sleep, you can rub it on before bed to ease the pain and help you sleep.

Freeze It Gel is having a blog contest (in which I'm entered by virtue of writing this post) where they'll give away a year's supply of the stuff to the winner. I could definitely use this! After every baseball practice I'd be rubbing it on my shoulder to prevent pain and stiffness. I'd also use it before bed if I was feeling "creaky" and it would certainly be nice to have around for when my back acts up (and it WILL act up).

The next time I'm achy or my back is acting up, I'm not just going to ease my pain, I'm going to Freeze It!

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