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My brother has a new wide screen plasma TV. I watched the World Series on it with him and I watch a lot of football over there too. Seems like everyone is getting into the big screen TVs these days. It won't be long before the Hotdogman gets into the act!

I don't want "just" a big screen HDTV though. I want the full home theater experience. I have a nice surround sound system in place, now all I need (in addition to the TV) is some Home theater furniture. Quality home theater seating is key to a good viewing experience. Features like leather, hidden storage (for the clicker), one touch reclining, ease of set-up and (most importantly) CUP HOLDERS are what distinguish a good home theater seating ensemble from regular old living room furniture.

Getting a good price on your home theater seating is important-that way you'll have lots of dough for the BEST HDTV. Don't skimp on the screen!

That's where the folks at Boston Tables come in. They have a HUGE selection of Home theater furniture at great prices. They've been specializing in outfitting homes with poker tables, pool tables, game room furnishings and Home theater furniture for 17 years. Right now they're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders so get your new HDTV and some home theater seating today.

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