Progress Report

Business at the "new" location has been brisk, with the exception of this past Monday when it was pouring rain most of the day.

I am only at the new spot until December 21 when I'll pack it in for the season. I wouldn't mind staying where I am, but the property owners don't want the traffic.

At least I get to finish the season in the vicinity. Moving too far away would have been a pain and probably would have impacted business.

Tuna salad and Chicken salad are all done for the season. It gets too cold at night and the mayonaisse freezes, even in the refrigerator.

This will be the first winter I'll be closed since 2004-2005!

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jay said...

Hey there, good to see you have kept your PR whilst all around are losing theirs (me included.....again!)
There's no substitute for quality!
Arrived here after checking my analytics and noticed that you had sent a few visitors my way... I feel a new review of the might hotdogman coming on munny4hunny...

hotdogman said...



I don't get the whole PR thing. I get 200-300 page views a day which seems like nothing compared to sites that get hundreds of thousands!

A good bunch of people come to read about "How to Start a Hot Dog Business." I am going to brush that piece up a bit this winter!

jay said...

I also enjoyed a PR4 briefly (it's all about back-links rather than traffic)
Nice work on the how to start a hot dog business post - that could pull in traffic for years....
I reviewed this site again at:
Hey you should get a hot dog favicon and get rid of the blogger symbol...

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