Cash Advance on Credit

As I wind down the season at the Hot Dog Truck, I am thinking of the future. I would like to expand my business-either by getting another Hot Dog Truck that is a better "runner" so I can do events or by getting an actual physical location. There are a lot of ways to expand a business and lots of options available to me.

The first (and my favorite) is to expand with cash on hand. No borrowing means no bills to pay. Unfortunately, I might not have enough cash to expand. That means borrowing. If I come across a good opportunity, I may need fast business cash.

One way to get fast business cash for expansion is to borrow against my future Visa® and MasterCard© sales. I can get cash NOW and repay when my customers pay for their hot dogs with Visa® or MasterCard©. Of course I'll need to accept credit cards first, but I have a cousin in that business and she could get me hooked up quickly.

Whatever direction I go regarding expanding the Hot Dog truck business, I am sure I'll need some fast business cash at some point.

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