Link Love Thursday XIV

The Holidays have left me less time for the Hot Dog Truck site so my Link Love posts have been every other week lately.

I am sending the Link Love to some folks who have sent some Link Love to the Hot Dog Truck in the past month.

Floyd has been running his Best Bloggers Awards for a few months now (I won one a while back) and he has several blogs.

Floyd's Ancient Wonders is a cool blog with photos of and stories about ancient artifacts.

Floyd's Secrets of the Earth is an interesting Blog that highlights the weird and wacky wonderments found all over our planet.

Floyd's Free Money News is, as you might guess, a blog about making money online. There are also other money tips about investing and personal finance.

Way to go, Floyd.

The folks at the Predator Press have also linked to the Hot Dog Truck. This blog is an irreverent humor blog that takes swipes at just about anything, even sharks!

Dannywakeup over at Diners, Roadhouses, Drive-Ins, Joints and Dives knows a good Hot Dog Joint when he sees one. He is on a quest to chronicle the greatest American eateries. A very interesting site.

These are a few of the folks who have shared the love in the past week or so. The hotdogman likes linking to those that link to the Hot Dog Truck.

If you want a link on a Link Love Thursday post, leave a comment and link to me. I WILL LINK BACK!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Link Love will return in 2008!

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