Dining In

We had 17 people over for Christmas Dinner and I came to one conclusion: our dining room is too small. It's perfect for 4-6 for dinner-very intimate. For a crowd, I'm glad we have a HUGE kitchen!

I'm not going to run out and go dining room furniture shopping any time soon. What I really want is counter seating for 10-12 in the kitchen (we have the room). All I'd need then is barstools. That type of set-up is more suited to our lifestyle anyways. We only entertain for a sit down dinner 4-6 times a year, the rest of our meals are mostly "on the go."

I have written before about the demise of the dining room in America. Too many folks have busy lives and the formal "sit down family dinner" is a big casualty. Most people are probably like us and only entertain for dinner a few times a year. With Real Estate being so expensive, devoting a lot of square footage to a room that's used a half a dozen times a year doesn't make sense.

So maybe there will be far fewer folks going dining room furniture shopping in the future. Just make sure you have plenty of counter seating!

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