In my quest for a new spot, I have come across an opportunity to lease a small cafe. It is less than 2 miles from where the Hot Dog Truck used to be, so I will still be able to service my loyal clientele. If this happens, it will happen fast-by the end of the month!

I went and looked at it today and it oozes "classic hot dog joint." I am pretty excited. It would mean a lot more hours and responsibilities, but I am used to working long hours. I'd have an expanded menu, but hot dogs would still be the "anchor" item. I'd be able to make my homemade relishes too.

I'll keep y'all posted.....

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Mike2000 said...

One thing you would have to consider is you may need to hire an employee or 2. Its one thing to run a hot dog truck but another to run a cafe. I repair commercial coffee equipment So I am in a lot of cafe's coffee shops and restaurants. If you need to get equipment repaired it costs per/hr plus travel plus parts. There are a lot of extra costs when you move to an inside location.

good luck

hotdogman said...

Yeah, I know about all the "extras." I'm working on nailing down fixed costs now. I've got a day cook lined up and I have lots of teenage kids (mine and their friends) who can provide a good labor force. I also have the good fortune of having a good friend who is a 4th generation resterauteur and he's a tremendous help. He thinks I could make a go of the place I'm looking at because I have a good product, a customer base, LOTS OF PARKING and PASSION for what I do. If this spot doesn't pan out, I'll go back to "Truckin' it" for the next season.

Thanks Mike!

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