A Medical Career?

If I never went back to running a Hot Dog Truck, I'd need to get a job. Not working generally doesn't pay the bills. I'd most likely get some sort of sales job. I am close to getting my teaching degree, but I'm not sure I can afford to be a teacher! Maybe I could train for a new career altogether.

There are lots of opportunities in the medical field, with the proper training. The Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a school that prepares people for a variety of medical related careers. If I were a younger man and not so squeamish, I'd consider a medical career. People will always get sick and hurt so there's always a demand for medical services. Medical careers tend to pay fairly well too. If you're a young person just starting out, it's something to consider.

One such program is the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. You can train to conduct Ultrasounds and other related sonograms. You learn to administer the tests and read the data they provide. This type of technician is important to any medical team. The Sonography technician is often thee first person to see and diagnose any problems associated with a test. On the plus side, you'd get to know whether dozens of couples a day are having a boy or a girl!

There's also the Radiologic Technology Program where you can learn how to conduct and interpret X-ray examinations. The course is a rigorous two year certification program which prepares student for licensure in various states. The courses involve lots of lab work with real equipment as well as clinical education. Obviously, X-rays are vital to diagnosing injuries and without good X-Ray techs, we'd all have undiagnosed broken bones!

Yet another choice is the Psychiatric Technician Program. (I sometimes FEEL like a psychiatrist at the Hot Dog Truck) This program teaches students how to provide care and training for patients that have mental disorders and and developmental disabilities. You'd learn behavioral management techniques, crisis intervention plus a whole host of care and treatment related duties. It's almost like a specialized nursing program.

Now I'm not sure if any of these options is for me, but if I had a young student venturing out into the world who was interested in the medical profession but didn't want to be a Doctor, I'd look into the career training at the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts.

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