Howard Miller Clocks

When I am at my parent's home, I never need to look at my watch. They have multiple clocks in every room. There are mantel clocks, a grandfather clock, wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, atomic clocks and even a nautical clock (it rings a certain number of bells for whatever watch it is aboard ship). It's quite a cacophony every hour with all of them going off!

My mom's pride and joy is her Howard Miller grandfather clock (a facsimile is pictured on the left). If she hadn't made such a big deal about it when she got it, I'd have no way of knowing the brand name. It's a cool clock. Not quite as "old English Castle looking" as your average grandfather clock either.

Someday, I'd like to have a clock like this in my home. With a three year old running around, it isn't practical (or safe-for the clock) at this time. I'd be afraid she'd try to climb it or bang on it with one of her toys. After the recent haircut episode, we worry about leaving her out of eyesight with anything, let alone a $2,500 clock! Perhaps when she's a bit older and we're not so afraid of her "impulses," we'll put a clock like this in our home. I could possibly inherit my mom's Howard Miller grandfather clock someday too.

She likes all the clocks at grammy and grampy's house, but grammy makes sure everything is out of reach or blocked off when she's visiting. Grammy's no fool and she doesn't have the kid around 24-7 like we do, so her Howard Miller grandfather clock is safe. It might even be the baby's someday.

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