Oh Deer

As I write this, there are two deer in my backyard. We have a lot of deer in my area and they're more and more visible as more property gets developed. Our "yard" is an acre of woods, so when the dog's not out, we often see deer. Before we got the dog, they'd come right up to the patio. As soon as they hear the back door open, they'll scoot because the dog will charge up the hill and scare them away.

Even though I can look out my window most days and see a deer or two, I still like to check out the Live Deer Cam online. I can look at deer roaming around a hunting preserve in Webb County, TX. The Live Deer Cam even lets me move the camera so I can check out different camera angles to better view the deer.

It's pretty cool. Check out the Live Deer Cam for yourself and see.

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