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As I prepare for the upcoming season, I am outfitting a new Hot Dog Truck. I have to get registered, insured, permitted and a whole host of things done to the new Hot Dog Truck. I am getting the Hot Dog Truck lettered (with the dancing hot dog from my header) and completely tuned up. You'd think I'd need some Fast Business Cash to get this done, but between money I've saved and money I am getting from selling the old Hot Dog Truck and another vehicle I own AND the money I make from this website (and others), I have very little "out of pocket" expense.

For lots of businesses, getting Fast Business Cash for expansion or a new piece of equipment can be a challenge. Businesses that accept credit cards have a great financing option. Now you can get a business loan form companies like Merit Capital Advance based on anticipated future Visa/MC receipts. The lender just automatically takes the loan payments from your credit card receipts. It's real easy to set up, and it's a great way to enhance cash flow for a large business expense.

If I ever take credit cards, I'd be signing up for this! I may have to take cards soon if I plan on doing large events, so I could finance my next Hot Dog Truck with some Fast Business Cash with Merit Capital Advance.

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