Florida, Here I Come!

I am headed to sunny Florida with my 5 children Tuesday. We're going to Busch Gardens and the beach. We'll probably spend quite a bit of time kicking back at my parent's pool too. The wife has to work (she's got National Championships for her swim team) so she's not coming. It will be a somewhat hectic week for me, but relaxing nonetheless.

While I'm gone, I'll only be posting sporadically (if at all) so don't think I dropped off the face of the earth or anything. I'll be back with a big splash about my spring Grand Opening next week.


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Allyn Paul said...

Have fun!
I am originally from St. Pete and I miss it! (up in Chicago now)
I think it's around 80 degrees there now.

CyberCelt said...

Sounds like a well-deserved vacation. Have a great time. Epcot Center is like a Disneyland for adults. Maybe you can visit it.

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