Get a REAL Date

Even though I am married, I write about dating because I have a bunch of single friends, both male and female, and I hear the horror stories about their dating experiences all the time. The funny thing about finding a date online is it's such a crap shoot. There is a lot of attention given to sites that offer "adult" dating- sex sells after all. The reality is most of the people I know, while they may be interested in sex, really just want to find someone nice to date and maybe start a relationship with.

Some folks may want to find Internet matchmaking services for singles that believe in God, while others may be interested in dating someone from a similar cultural background. Whatever the final goal is, finding a date shouldn't be too difficult if you know what you want.

If you want to try online dating, define your criteria for what you want in a date and GO FOR IT. I know several people who have met their spouses online and they knew what type of person they wanted to find. They set realistic expectations for themselves and gave it time. I think too many people have unrealistic expectations when looking for love online. Sometimes your soul mate just comes along when you least expect it.

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