I have some other sites I have been tinkering with. None of them get the attention the Hot Dog Truck gets. Winning Football Picks and All Around are two that have a reasonable amount of eyeballs, put not the PR 4 juggernaut that is the Hot Dog Truck. I have set the others up to "be there" for when I get to them. They all have a niche, silly as the niche may be.

The one thing they now all have in common is they have their own URLs. No more "dot blogspot" domains for me. I'm going with URLs all around. My active URLs include:

and my favorite Splibble.com

All these URLs point to blogger blog sites I've set up. None of them get much traffic, except for the football site and baseball sites in their respective seasons. What I want to do is build their content and do some SEO on them when I get the time.

I also got some other URLs I don't have sites for:

Ifyoulikemoney.com (and .net & .info)
Bostonhotdogman.com (saved for a future info site for hiring The Hot Dog Truck for catering & events)
and The Hot Dog Trailer.com (I got this because I came close to buying a trailer last month). I'll eventually have them all pointing to something.

Register Domains at GoDaddy.com 120x60

I got all these URLs at www.GoDaddy.com . I sometimes just go there to see if an URL that pops into my head is available. If it is, I'll buy it. GoDaddy may not be the cheapest, but they are the World's #1 Domain Name Registrar and while bigger may not always be better, they have always given me good service. I can actually call them and SOMEONE WILL PICK UP THE PHONE! I even have an account rep, though I haven't needed him- it's nice to know I can actually get an answer if I have a question.

For you bloggers out there who don't have an URL yet, SPEND THE SEVEN BUCKS! A good URL does wonderful things for your SEO (just Google "Hot Dog Truck" to see what I mean). Page one on Google. Not bad for an ameteur, eh? The URL has a lot to do with that search placement.

If you want to buy an URL at GoDaddy, use this coupon code cjcdeal22
when you check out to save three bucks on your URLs.

Tell them the Hotdogman sent you!

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1 comment:

jay said...

well I did it, I now have www.munny4hunny.com...

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