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Yesterday I was going on about why I love the internet. I use the internet for shopping, finding information, email, working on my websites and playing games. I am on the computer for three to four hours a day! I NEED SPEED when I am online. I'm glad I have several high speed options available to me. The phone company offers fiber optic service, but they're such a pain in the neck to deal with, I have elected to keep my broadband cable internet access. It's very fast and I have a great bundle of services. I have been to friends' homes that have the fiber and I notice no appreciable difference in speed.

I could never imagine going to any "lesser" service for internet access. My last office had the network on a DSL line and it was too slow. I suppose if faster options were unavailable I'd get DSL, but not if cable is available.

I sure as heck would NEVER go back to dial up unless I was out in some primitive nether region and needed to be able to check email. Thankfully, I neither travel to primitive nether regions frequently (when I do it's with the expectation that I want to get AWAY from email etc) nor to I plan to move to one. Dial up internet service is like riding a three speed bike on a super highway; it will get you there but it will be uncomfortable and it will take a LONG TIME.

If I were to move to a place where dial up was my only option, I'd most likely take a look at satellite internet service. It's almost as fast as cable, unless you need to download a HUGE file. For most of what I do, it would probably be fine. I could get satellite internet service now, but it can crap out during nasty storms, plus I'd have to worry about the dish all the time.

I am lucky that I have 4 or 5 high speed, broadband internet options available to me. If I needed to get new internet service tomorrow, I'd probably go with the provider that was offering the best special promotions like cash back or a free wireless router. I can find any type of internet access available in my area at Get ISP Info. Once it's plugged in and working, they're all about the same.

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