Why I LOVE the Internet

So I am making the arrangements for my new location. One of the things I need to get is a site permit. To do this I need to meet with the building inspector. He just wants to review the site, see where I'll be in relation to the lot entrances and double check the parking layout. When we meet, he expects me to have a plot plan marked up with all this stuff.

In the old days, this would mean trudging off to City Hall or the Engineering department to review assessor's maps and then trying to find a drawing with the parking lot layout etc.

The internet has eliminated that chore. I simply went to the city website, found their online GIS assessor's maps and located my property. I blew up the image of the plot plan, superimposed a satellite image to verify the parking layout (with actual cars in some spaces) and the location of my power source and VOILA! I have a suitable layout for my meeting.

It sure beats trudging out on a snowy day and waiting for other people to make copies for me.

I LOVE the internet!

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