It was a fine early Spring day. A little crisp, but bright and sunny-a PERFECT day to start the season. I had one little glitch-left the lights on and killed the battery. Luckily I have a charger on board, so it didn't ruin my day.

I got to the spot at the usual time, got everything ready to go and served my first dogs of the day at about 10:30 AM to a guy named Jack Hoffman and his dog. Jack's a local journalist who writes for the Middlesex News and Worcester's In City Times. How fitting is it that a DOG got the first dog of the year! Here's Jack's dog munching his dog.

Here's Jack with his hot dog!

Around 11:30 the crew from BOSE showed up-like 20 of them! I had a big line for Opening Day. THANKS GUYS!

There were some new faces today, but most of the customers had eaten at the old truck. Everyone was happy to get their hot dogs and I was happy to be back. Some new faces rounded out the first day, obviously drawn in by the new sign, painted by my daughter!

I think the new spot is going to work out well. Once I get the "picnic area" up and running, I'm sure to be very busy. Right now, it's "under construction."

See you all tomorrow and "thanks for coming by!"

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1 comment:

Revka of RS Designs said...

Congrats on the new truck and the grand opening. :)

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