Ultimate Paintball

Paintball is quite possibly the most fun you can have with your pants on! I have played in rural settings and simulated urban environments. It brings me back to my childhood when we'd play army out in our neighborhood. There's nothing quite like splattering one of your buddies with a paintball gun-maybe I ought to bring my kids along some day and show them what a crack shot dad is.

Nowadays the game has become very sophisticated. There are a wide variety of paintball guns, helmets, eye wear and paintball vests. You could easily spend a few thousand dollars on paintball gear. Some of the BT Paintball guns look like they're real military issue stuff. (Ultimate Paintball is the best place to get all this gear-they even have free shipping which is a HUGE bonus in these days of "fuel surcharges.")

While you can find plenty of places to go shoot-em-up with friends, there are tournaments and leagues in nearly every city in the U.S. There is even a National Professional Paintball League that has ESPN coverage! How cool would it be to be a "pro" paintball player?

Paintball has become big business, but it's still fun!

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damon said...

I played ONCE. Against a bunch of teenagers all carrying the commando machine gun paint spitter 4000. I was an easy target, with my gray single shot rifle with the word "rental" on it.
Good times. Gooood times!

Marcel@FD said...

Its really an interesting post.

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