Basic Training

There used to be a guy who'd stop by my old truck and order FOUR chili dogs on a regular basis. Two chili dogs is usually more than enough for most patrons, but this guy would woof down four like they were Tic Tacs! One day he ordered six and ate them. After a while, he stopped coming by-the remodelling job he was working on in the area was completed and he moved on to the next job.

Not long after that, a skinny guy (it's always the skinny guys who can really eat) came by with some of his buddies and ordered four chili dogs. I told him the record was six. He ate seven!

That record still stands after 2 years, but there's a new challenger on the horizon: Tyler from BOSE. He pledged to break the longstanding record last winter and he came by today with some of the other BOSE regulars. He ordered three chili dogs and declared that he was officially training to break the record.

After polishing off three, he came back for three more!

I thought for sure he would break the record today, but his buddy told me he lost his momentum about half way through his fifth chili dog! He finished the six he ordered, but he couldn't cram any more chili dogs in his tummy. He was a bit worse for wear too-heck so would you if you ate enough chili and hot dogs to increase your net body weight by 15%!. He wanted the guy who drove to go REALLY SLOW back to the office and even considered a borrowing a bucket for the ride.

While Tyler didn't break the record, his efforts should be commended. I am confident I'll have a new chili dogs king by the end of the summer!

Here's where he ran into the wall-midway through he fifth chili dog

Here he is with his empty chili dog holders. Note the glassed over eyes and squeamish look on his face

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Homer said...

So, knowing your disdain for ketchup on hot dogs, what is the red sauce on those chili dogs?

Marcel@FD said...

Hot dogs are my favorite too.

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