The ___ Guy

People are always asking me "do you guys have (insert question here)?" There is no "you guys" at the Hot Dog Truck; it's just me-the one "guy."

Ever notice there's a "guy" for everything? I am known to many as the Hot Dog Guy. The other day I had the "Conveyor Guy" at the truck. That's the name of his company; they install conveyor belts. There's the "tree guy," the "furniture guy," the "cable guy"- well, you get the picture. Name the job, there's a "guy" for it.

Some jobs don't fit well with the guy thing. I'm not going under the knife from the "surgery guy" and I'm not having the "lawyer guy" get me out of a legal scrape. I have had the "tax guy" do my taxes in the past, but I'm not trusting my money to the "investment guy." I will buy insurance from the "insurance guy," I'll let the "computer guy" work on my computer and I'll buy a car from the "car guy," but no "periodontist guy" will be scraping my gums soon!

So here's to all the "guys" out there who do their thing every day, from your friendly neighborhood Hot Dog Guy.

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