Turbo Hot Dog Truck

Folks who get stuck driving behind the Hot Dog Truck must get frustrated. It's not what you'd call a speed machine; in fact, it's pretty slow! The Hot Dog Truck is a 1979 Ford E-350 with a straight six engine and four on the floor. I rarely go faster than 45 MPH!

What I need is a turbo charger to get the thing moving. Back in 1984 I had an Audio 5000. THAT car could move and it was a sweet ride. I don't know if an Audi turbocharger would work on the Hot Dog Truck, but it would be interesting to try.

Seriously, I wouldn't do any serious performance modifications to the Hot Dog Truck, but if I still had the Audi 5000, I'd need a new Audi turbocharger to keep it hopping. There's nothing like the feeling of a car accelerating once the turbo kicks in.

Turbo Charger Pros has any Audi or VW turbo charger you could possibly want or need and they also stock turbo chargers and parts for tons of other vehicles. I even found some parts for the Hot Dog Truck on their site!

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