Maitre' d for a Day

Frequent fans of the Hot Dog Truck will have heard of Jeff from Horizon Technology. Jeff has been to the Hot Dog Truck for lunch 59 times this year-that's 118 hot dogs!

He's always telling his crew at work about the fine cuisine he dines on each time he makes his way to my charcouterie on wheels and he managed to drag Bob and Andrew from his office out for some lunch today. Here they are posing with their meals.

Jeff is very enthusiastic about his status as my #1 customer. He gave Bob and Andrew "the Grand Tour" of my establishment which is no more than a walk around the exterior of the truck! While most of my customers can figure out how to order a hot dog, Jeff feels the need to describe in great detail the procedure for acquiring one's lunch (like Bob and Andrew have never ordered their own lunch ever). Jeff's enthusiasm is enlightening however and I do enjoy his daily visits.

He did get a bit discouraged when I pointed out that he forgot to wear the "company uniform" of tan chinos and a blue shirt, but what the hell, if he wants to dress like an 11 year old whose mom shops for him at local yard sales, that's his business!
Thanks for stopping by guys!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everyone picks on the fat kid!!
5 cheeseburgers to go!!!!

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