Blogger and Hot Dogger

Andrew (who's name I thought was Ben) from the Benspark blog stopped by for a visit today. He's having a French Fry Sauce Contest that I entered and he stopped by to get one of the proprietary ingredients: my Killer Pepper Relish!

He's got a cool site and he had lots of good things to say about his dining experience. There's some pictures of me and my truck and he even shot a video! Check out Ben's-urm Andrew's Lunch at the Hot Dog Truck.

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BenSpark said...

Lunch was great, I will be back. I should have asked you to be in the video. We will have to do one another time if you are up for it and if it is not raining. Thanks again for a great meal.

Lenny said...

The hot dog truck is around the Corner from my house. I will be there Monday. If Andrew from the BenSpark hadn't mentioned it I would probably just keep driving bye.

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