Hey Hey it's the Suede Shoe Blues

Folks of a certain age will remember the Monkees-America's answer to the Beatles back in the 60's. They had a TV show with the catchy theme song that everyone recognizes as well as a lot of quality pop tunes that live on to this day.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?

Peter Tork, one of the original Monkees, has a band called Suede Shoe Blues and I went to see them last Friday night at my favorite local watering hole The Chicken Bone Saloon!

Tork looked a little worse for wear, but his band was solid and he seemed to know how to play both the keyboards and the guitar. Several Monkees classics were on the playlist as the band played I'm a Believer, A Little Bit You, Daydream Believer (twice-once in each set), a bluesy version of Last Train To Clarksville and the classic punk rock standard (first played by the Monkees) Stepping Stone.

There were about 150 people there and it was an older crowd as the cougar set (all former teenyboppers no doubt) was on the prowl. While the Monkees tunes were enjoyable due to the fact that there was authenticity, the blues numbers were just average. The Chickenbone Saloon gets a lot of blues bands and I've heard many that were better than Tork's ensemble.

Regardless, it was an enjoyable evening and it was lots of fun hearing the Monkees tunes. Here's a few to check out for yourself.

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