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What's up at The Hot Dog Truck dot Com

There are some changes coming to this site! As many readers know, I have ceased operations of my own Hot Dog Truck due to some serious health issues last year. I am happy to say I am all better now! I spent the last year working towards an education degree and I am looking to do some teaching. While hunting for a job (unsuccessfully so far), I decided to use my extra time to "crank up" my websites and blogs.

I have been actively writing and posting on some of my other sites, like Hot Dog Stories and Our Sea Glass. I have started some new sites like Wicked Cool Videos and The Punch Buggy Game. I am attempting to resurrect Veggyhead with my vegetarian daughter. I'm also gearing up for another thrilling NFL season on Winning Football Picks. There are some other new projects in the works, like a site to sell Our Sea Glass Jewelry and a Classics Illustrated Comic Books site. I have other web projects in the works and I am going to attempt to chronicle how I am doing making money online on Hot Dog! Money Online.

As you can see, I have been busy! Some of the sites are doing very well and others haven't caught on yet; what's important (to me anyway) is that I consistently put out content.

This leads me back to what is happening here at the Hot Dog Truck dot com. This site is about three and a half years old. It was my first blog and only the second website I ever made. I haven't done much to it, other than the recent redesign, for over a year. What surprises me is how popular the site remains. I get about 200-400 visitors a day and they read, on average, three and a half posts per visit.

When I first started this blog, it was going to be a combo of an advertisement for my business and a chronicle of "the life and times of a hot dog man." It morphed into a comedy/paid posting/how to/chronicle site. There's lots of stuff here! While I have been working on my other projects, I have been overseeing a TOTAL redesign of the Hot Dog Truck dot com. My goal is to get back to the "life and times of a hot dog man" type of blog, with large chunks of humor, family stuff and whatever the "topic of the day" may be. When I make the move back into the hot dog business (yes it will happen), I will be sure to chronicle every step of the way!

Beginning NOW there will be regular posting to this site. In the coming weeks, I will be migrating to Wordpress from my current Blogger format for a cleaner, more user friendly look.

So welcome or welcome back to the Hot Dog Truck!

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