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Blogs are all about having a conversation. In the early days of this blog, the conversation was decidedly one-sided! Now I get 200-400 visitors a day and people spend an average of about two and a half minutes on here looking around.

I still don't get a lot of PUBLISHABLE comments, but I get my share. When I say "publishable," I mean comments that contribute to the overall conversation. I don't mean SPAM comments.

You see, this site is a PR 3 site which means it has value to the blogger who wants some link juice. Someone somewhere said it's a good page rank building strategy to get back links by commenting on other, higher ranking blogs. This is true, but I for one won't publish a spammy (or mean) comment.

Take this comment, left on this post the other day, for example: "Thanks For The post. It's Nice Post. I Like This Pos6t. work at home." The comment included a link. This particular commenter is obviously trolling for back links. A comment like this offers nothing to me, the blog owner; it's generic, it doesn't address the issues brought up in the post, and it isn't even grammatically correct!

Into the spam folder it went, along with the several dozen or so other comments submitted by this particular "fan" of this page. Sorry spammers, I will publish a comment that adds to the conversation, but not ridiculous, spammy junk like this.

So please, DO leave a comment, just make it of value, and I will publish it!

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