Cranking it Up for Affiliate Summit West

In less than 48 hours, I'll be boarding a plane for Las Vegas and Affiliate Summit West. I won the ticket to the Summit from John Chow and my wife got me the hotel and flight as a Christmas gift. It will be three fun filled and very educational nights and days, far from the frigid gloom of New England. I hear it will get down to the 30's at night out there-heck, that's practically tropical compared to home.

I have been communicating with different attendees over the past few weeks. Everyone keeps talking about buying each other drinks while out there. The Hotdogman won't be buying any drinks. I have been to Vegas 20 times before this trip, and I have yet to buy a drink- I'm sure as hell not going to start now! Between the open bar parties sponsored by big, deep pocket companies and the free cocktails on the gaming floor, I should be able to keep sufficiently pickled the entire time I am there without opening my wallet.

I used to be a high roller, now I am just another cheap bastard.

Seriously though, this has got to be my lowest budget trip to Vegas EVER. It's sure a far cry from the days we used to stay in the Bally's Celebrity suite! All told, my round trip flight and 3 nights hotel cost only $297. I'll bring about $500 for pocket money and "investing" in a few NFL games- those picks will be on Winning Football Picks. Back in the day, I'd roll with AT LEAST 20 times that. With a daughter applying to $50/K per year colleges and 4 other kids on her heels, high roller trips to Vegas are a thing of the past.

I plan on doing at least 2 Hot Dog Stories while in Vegas. On the docket are Slots 'O Fun and their 1/2 pound hot dog  and a visit to Pink's at Planet Hollywood. I may also cruise down to New York New York casino to check their dogs out.

The parties should be insane. Saturday I am going to Manadaly Bay for the Mixology Party, Sunday I am playing in a poker tournament and Monday I am going to a party at the Hardwood Suite in the Palms Hotel.

I will be posting from Vegas and I will have lots of stories and pictures upon my return.


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