Poker is the New Black Jack

In the past when I went to Vegas, I'd spend a lot of time at the blackjack tables. One year, I won enough for BOOTMONEY. As little as ten years ago, you could find a lot of double deck, straight blackjack games up and down the strip. Now, every house has 6 decks, auto shufflers, and bad rules like the dealer hitting the soft seventeen. In a straight blackjack game, the dealer stands on all seventeens. Hitting the soft seventeen is a bad rule for the player. If you don't believe me, check the Wizard of Odds.

I have lost my enthusiasm for blackjack as a result of most casinos stacking the deck further in their favor. Poker has become-for myself and a lot of other blackjack enthusiasts- the replacement game. This trip, instead of hunkering down and counting tens in the blackjack pit, I'll be playing in the Purpose Poker Tournament on Sunday Night at the Mirage. I was able to get one of the last ten seats available in the second night of a two night tournament. With a little luck, maybe I'll come home with some ostrich skin boots.

More insanity to follow....

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