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I recently attended Affiliate Summit West and was fortunate enough to attend the unveiling of Shoemoney's hot new tracking software, Link Control. I wrote an Ezine article about it and I have started a website where people can purchase Link Control and get a cool bonus. Here's my article:

Link Control was developed by Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker, a famous blogger and affiliate marketing guru (although he's not crazy about the term). He developed eBay ads back in 2006 and sold the business; when he sold it, he signed a non compete agreement that didn't allow him to develop any other tools for affiliate marketing until this year. He was obviously hard at work developing Link Control.

Why is Link Control such a powerful tool? First and foremost, it automates your links over your own network of sites, so if you need to make wholesale changes to your links, you can do it with a couple of clicks in the software panel. Whenever you are linking out to external sites to earn affiliate commissions, it can be difficult to get good data on the performance of your link. If you get Link control, you get software that not only cloaks your links, but gives you the ability to test their efficiency. You can drill down analytic data to a host of variables like time of day, country, even the conversion efficiency of different landing pages. It also allows you to see if your ad network is stealing your traffic.

I was fortunate enough to be at the announcement and roll out of Link Control at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. After a raucous introduction, complete with exotic dancers and rap music, Jeremy introduced the software and walked the crowd through the interface. It is still in beta, but everyone in attendance that night was able to get Link Control free for life. It was Jeremy's way of getting 200 free beta testers!

I have tried it out with some of my affiliate links and I am blown away by the ease of use and depth of data. I was able to quickly shift my affiliate links from "post Christmas" offers to Valentine's Day offers with just a few clicks. Once this software gets out of beta, any affiliate marketer who wants to trim the time they spend creating, changing and tracking links will get Link Control to help them with their business.

Whether or not this will take the affiliate marketing industry by storm remains to be seen, but anytime a tool comes along that makes people's jobs easier, it is sure to be embraced. I, for one, was glad I was able to get it in the beta version. Many more online marketers and other folks who are just learning how to make money online would be wise to get Link Control for themselves.

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