Hot Dog Joints in Vegas

There are many places to eat good hot dogs in Las Vegas and part of my mission during the Affiliate Summit West was to seek them out and do some Hot Dog Stories.

The first place I encountered was in the airport.

Big Al's has several locations in Las Vegas. Since I had just had a HUGE meal on the plane, I wasn't stopping now. They serve up genuine Chicago Dogs.

I checked out a Nathan's franchise in the MGM on my way back from the Mixology Party at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night. It was too late to eat and I wasn't going to waste a good Hot Dog Story on a place I can eat at anywhere.

I  took a walk Sunday morning to Slot's O Fun near Circus Circus on the strip. 

Even though the locals rather disparagingly call these dogs "pluggers," I saw them featured on a Hot Dog Program and wanted to give them a try for the "iconic value." They have a 1/2 pound hot dog there for $1.99.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

On my way back toward my hotel, I encountered two of Las Vegas' finest and asked them if they could recommend any good hot dog joints. I told them what I was up to and the female officer asked if I was from New York! Apparently she didn't notice the Red Sox sweatshirt I was wearing. No detective grade for her!

This stand was in a small Casino called O'Shea's and I decided to check it out.

The shriveling dogs on rollers didn't look too appetizing, so I passed.

When I went by Casino Royal...

 ...they had a cool hot rod in front and...

...this sign. After seeing the skeevy dogs at O'Shea's, I didn't even go in to look.

This place, Big Hurt's Snack Shack, in front of Harrah's Casino, looked promising. I made a note to return and do a Hot Dog Story.

I also checked out Pink's Las Vegas location in Planet Hollywood and decided to do a Hot Dog Story there too.

There are many more hot dog joints in Las Vegas and I plan to hit as many as I can in future visits.

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