What Makes You Happy

It's funny how some things just make you feel happy. Like a sunny day. Or a good cup of coffee. Or even just a smile.

Today I am happy, but not for myself. I am happy for my son. You see, this past weekend, there were Babe Ruth baseball tryouts for our town. In the past, I have always coached my son's team. Since I have a six year old, I decided to coach Tee Ball this year. It's my son's last season in Babe Ruth, so it was a bittersweet decision to not coach him, but he plays for his high school and he'll miss half of his town league games, so I opted to coach Little Miss's more regularly attended Tee Ball squad.

When I picked Junior up from tryouts Saturday, he was just finishing and he looked a bit worse for wear after trying out in 35 degree weather. He said he threw very well but he was down because he felt he didn't hit as well as he could have.

There are two divisions in our town league, A and B. The A division is comprised of mostly high school rostered players, but since my son goes to private school, he has gone unnoticed in the past by the A division coaches. Since it's his last year in the town league, he really wanted to make an A team.

Sunday night, around 6 o'clock, I got the call from an A division coach letting us know Junior had been selected to his team. We were both very happy! My son was happy because he made it on his own merits (dad didn't pick him). I was happy because he made it and was picked by possibly the best coach in the program (since I graduated to Tee Ball anyway).

It's the next day and I still can't wipe the smile off my face. Here I am, a father of five healthy, intelligent, GOOD kids (the oldest is off to college next year- PRE MED) and the thing that gets me smiling is the fact that my son made A division Babe Ruth.

It's funny what makes you happy.

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