The Great Wordpress Migration

Well, I finally did it.

I purchased a Wordpress theme package, specifically the StudioPress Genesis Theme Framework and dedicated hosting from Hostgator. I decided to do this for a variety of reasons. Besides blogging about the life and times of a hotdogman, I also have other websites, like my popular How to Start a Hot Dog Business site.

I wanted to diversify my hosting so I don't have all my proverbial eggs in one basket. Everybody says Wordpress sites are search engine friendly, and it's good to have your hosting spread out over several platforms, so I took their advice and took the plunge. I am still debating whether to move the Hot Dog Truck dot com, but I probably won't move it at all due to the sheer number of posts and the quality page rank the site has built up over the years.

All my other sites are fair game though.

I chose the StudioPress Genesis Theme Framework because I could get a portfolio of 30+ templates that are already search engine optimized with good support at a decent price. I can use all the templates on as many sites as I want too.

I chose Hostgator because they have simple Wordpress installation and they have very good pricing.

I ran into some problems (ALWAYS READ THE TUTORIALS BEFORE YOU START) when I was messing around with the C-Panel. My new best friend, Kirk Taylor a fellow webmaster I met at Affiliate Summit West, graciously offered to help me straighten things out when I crashed my C-Panel. He spent nearly an hour getting me back on track. Thanks Kirk!

I eventually figured the mess out and moved my first "site" over yesterday. I moved Your Own Hot Dog Business first.

I will post updates on further migrations- Hot Dog Stories is going to move too!

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