Hey, Hey, Hey- It's Opening Day

Today is one of my favorite days of the year- Red Sox Opening Day! This year's team is poised to make a serious run for a pennant- the pitching is strong and they added two BIG BATS in Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to an already potent line-up. I look forward to watching many games as the Spring and Summer progress.

Baseball season means Hot Dogs too.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council projects that MLB ballparks around the country will serve 22,435,400 hot dogs this season, enough to round the bases 31,160 times and, if laid end-to-end, would stretch from AT&T Park in San Francisco to Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. That represents 1.06 million more hot dogs than 2010, or a 5 percent increase, the first increase in three years.

That's a lot of Hot Dogs!

They serve Fenway Franks made by Kayem at Fenway Park (they also serve Kayems at Washington Nationals Park). At Wrigley Field, they serve Vienna Beef. The Cincinnati Reds have the most interesting hot dog on the roster this season: the Meat Lovers Hot Dog- a jumbo hot dog wrapped with bacon and deep fried, then topped with beef and black bean chili, shredded pepper jack cheese and crispy salami. Does that ever sound good!

No matter who you root for, the hot dog will always be a part of going to the ballpark.

As Humphrey Bogart once said, "A hot dog at the ballpark is better than steak at the Ritz."

I couldn't agree more!

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