Tee Ball Time!

My local Little league had their first sign ups for the 2011 season last week. Normally, this would have me very excited for a new season and the promise of Spring. I have coached 15 seasons including our Spring, Summer and Fall leagues.

I have had the pleasure of watching my son (who plays for his high school) grow up in the game. Our teams have always been competitive and we've gone deep into championship rounds; we even won the whole thing a few years ago. It has been a fun ride, and now I get to start it all over again.

Tonight I am going to pick up my equipment bag for my 6 year old's Tee Ball team. It has been 10 years since I have coached Tee Ball and my first team will be juniors and seniors in high school next year. I have literally watched a generation of players grow up over ten baseball seasons.

Some folks say Tee Ball is ridiculous. They call it "organized mayhem" or "herding cats." The kids may be a bit squirrely, but they are fun at that age. This is the age the kids are first introduced to the game and if it's fun for them, they won't quit baseball to play soccer or lacrosse (you know what they call kids who play lacrosse-kids who suck at baseball).

I'll have kids who know how to hit and throw and others who won't know which end of the bat to hold-so there will be a lot of teaching. When I see a kid I coached at a young age excelling at the game in his or her high school years, I like to think I had a little something to do with it.

Maybe the next local super star is on my roster, maybe not. I just hope they'll say "Hi coach," when they see me around town.

Let the games begin!

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