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Comments are a part of blogging. I do a lot of commenting on other sites- it helps drive more readers to MY site(s). When I leave a comment on another blog, I have something to say about the post I am reading and I try to leave a funny/poignant/insightful comment to ADD TO THE CONVERSATION. It's a great way to interact online and "get your name out there." Whenever I comment, I have something to say; I don't just say "nice post" or put up random spam links.

A lot of the comments I get on this site lately appear to be total spam, probably generated by some "auto commenting" software.

Here's two comments I got today on this post:

Number One- "really nice story..." WOW! What insight, what humor, what a poignant addition to the conversation. What a load of crap! This type of comment doesn't get published by yours truly. It adds NOTHING and it's obviously an unimaginative ploy to get a link to a site that wants better PR. Sorry, you'll have to do better than that.

Number Two- "Bankruptcy records Lowest cost on web and fastest delivery after bankruptcy get copy of official county court Bankruptcy Records, Bankruptcy discharge papers $9.99, bankruptcy creditors listing $19.99, complete bankruptcy file for $29.99." (I xed out the real address so this spammer gets diddly link juice). This is the WORST kind of comment. This is blatant spam, probably entered into my comments by software or just pasted into the comments by a desperate webmaster looking to build links. Commenting to build links is fine with me, but HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, ADD TO THE CONVERSATION. This guy didn't even have the decency to leave a lame comment related to the post, he just plastered an advertisement in the comments section. Look pal, I charge MONEY to advertise on this site. Spam here, and I'll out you. What a DB!

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1 comment:

David Williams said...

Couldn't sympathise with you more on this. I'm also the owner of a blog and have been flooded with spam lately. I've had to temporarily disable posting comments until I can install a decent spam filter or a turing code generator for people to input when they comment (like what you have).

I love people commenting on my posts and I also comment on many other blog posts. But if you can't add value to the post and make it better for the fact you commented then you're just wasting everyone's time.

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