Big Plans for National Hot Dog Month

I recently sent out a press release about my intention to eat a hot dog a day in July. It's my way of commemorating National Hot Dog Month. I sent out a press release and I have gotten some replies.

I will be going to the Kayem factory for a tour and a hot dog tasting- I am hoping to be there next Friday to kick of the month.

I am also meeting up with Mark Kotlinski, the creator of "A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour," a documentary film about hot dog joints in Connecticut, for lunch at one of his favorite spots.

If you have any suggestions for places to visit, let me know. If you'd like me to visit YOUR hot dog joint, INVITE ME!

I will be having some hot dogs at home and at barbecues too, but the bulk of my dog eating month will be at hot dog trucks, trailers, carts and diners. I will be visiting some old favorites and some new joints too. I am sure there will be many Hot Dog Stories by the end of the month too.

I will have to forgo my nutrition regimen for the month, but extra exercise will definitely be on the agenda as well!

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