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I got an email from a blogging bud, Drew from Benspark. It seems his little girl, Eva, is a finalist in the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council's Hot Dog Photo Contest! Shame on me for not entering Little Miss-oh well, maybe next year.

Anyhoo, Drew asked me to spread the word, and since The Hot Dog Truck is a mecca in Hot Dog Nation, I figured I'd vote for Eva and ask all of you hot doggers out there to do the same.

Here she is munching on her pickle- what a cutie pie!

She has MY VOTE!

Get a load of those chubby cheeks- she reminds me of my daughter the photo bomber at that age.

To vote for Eva, simply email the contest at and vote for Eva. You should paste the following into the email:

Voting For Hot Dog Contest

- #3 - Little Girl with Hot Dog and Pickles

I sent my vote in, please do your part too. If she wins, she'll get a $250 gift card to buy barbecue supplies for an awesome summer barbecue. Maybe Drew will invite me over for a Hot Dog a Day.

Any way you slice it, Eva's a "barbecuty," so let's help her win!

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1 comment:

BenSpark said...

Thanks for posting this. Eva went on to be Runner Up. For some reason there was voting on FB too but I couldn't find it and if I had then maybe she would have crushed it.

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