Top 20 College Campus Food Trucks

Veggyhead just graduated high school last week. Now all she has to do is work at J.P.Licks all summer and wait for the fall to roll around-she'll be attending Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Did I mention she's PRE-MED! A father couldn't be more proud.

She had been considering the Sargent School at Boston University. I was hoping she would go there to be closer to home, but she knows what she's doing. The cool thing about BU would have been her proximity to the Campus Trolley, a funky food cart we visited for Hot Dog Stories last fall.

Veggyhead felt Case Western was a better school for the major she wants: Nutritional Microbiology, so my dreams of visiting her at school every once in a while for a lunch date were quashed.

The good news is she might find her own College Food Truck at Case Western. I stumbled on a list of 20 College Food Trucks and, even though there isn't one listed at her school, she may yet find quality street food on her campus. Or, she could start her own....

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