Happy Ending for Feral Kitten

The other day, I posted about a feral kitten I found in our woods. She was a cute little thing. The poor kitty was outside in a torrential rainstorm the night before I found it cowering in a pile of leaves near a stone wall. We took her into our shed, made a box/home for her, fed her some chicken and kept her safe while we tried to find a home for her.

She IS cute!

The kids wanted to keep her, but another family member would have made that fairly problematic.

Bailey would have ripped the thing to shreds if she got a hold of it- many a squirrel has gone to the great beyond as a result of our favorite dog's rambunctiousness. 

The good people at the Metrowest Humane Society took the kitty in. Here's a nice note they sent along in an email after they took her:

I have named her "Hot Dog Annie" for the name of a fun hot dog place my family used to go to in Leicester MA years ago. I think it is still there but I can never find my way back there when I want a dog. She is sleeping peacefully now with a stuffed animal and a full tummy.

It just goes to show you, even cat people like a good dog now and then!

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