A Hot Dog a Day Number 15: Bill's Dog House in Framingham

The July 15 installment of my mission to eat a hot dog a day to celebrate National Hot Dog Month found me at a really old favorite: Bill's Dog House in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Bill's is located at 450 Union Avenue in the parking lot of the Framingham Elks. Bill serves up a mean hot dog- steamed or grilled to order.

There's much more than hot dogs too. Bill's burgers are very popular. You can also order chicken fingers, teriyaki steak tips, steak and cheese subs, sausages, and any number of daily specials. Everything is good at Bill's Dog House!

Owner Bill Biedugnis has a gleaming hot dog trailer with a full commercial kitchen inside. He works the trailer during the spring and summer and when the chilly New England winds start to blow, he heads down to Key West Florida where he's a chef at Turtle Kraals.

When I said Bill's was a really old favorite, I meant it. He owned Bill's Grill in Framingham for 22 years. I woofed down many breakfasts at Bill's Grill back in the day. He sold the place three years ago to live the snowbird/hot dog man/chef lifestyle- it's a taco joint now.

Here's a view inside the kitchen at the trailer. He's got burgers and fries working here. Bill serves the BEST FRENCH FRIES I HAVE EVER EATEN. His fries are the standard by which I measure all other fries.

It aint called Bill's fry house though- here's two dogs dressed and ready to go! Bill serves up Kayem franks, grilled or steamed to order on either a steamed or grilled bun.

My old pal Richie stopped by today for a dog and fry special- he's putting ketchup on the fries, not the hot dog, so he wasn't accosted.

Here's my dog- I went for a grilled dog on a grilled bun, all around (that's mustard, relish, and onion to the uninitiated).

Then I 

Bill's Doghouse is a hidden culinary delight with comfort food entrees served up by an old pro. A definite


When you're in Framingham, skip the Mickey D's and other related crud and go for a good hot dog (or any other delights) at Bill's Dog House. Make sure you tell Bill "the Hotdogman sent me."


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