A Hot Dog a Day Number 16: Summer Beach Cook Out

For the 16th installment of my eat a hot dog a day to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, I had a Fenway Frank on the grill. We had a big cook out at the beach with family and friends- one of the BEST places to enjoy a hot dog!

The Fenway Franks I used to have as a kid were NASTY. When you got them at the ball park, the hot dog, bun and mustard pack were MICROWAVED inside of a plastic wrapper. It was a pretty cruddy hot dog too. Even back then, I could recognize an inferior hot dog- I think that's why I developed a taste for Italian sausage at the game.

A few years ago, Kayem acquired the rights to the Fenway Frank name and became the official supplier of hot dogs to the concessionaires at Fenway Park. The new Fenway Frank is a skinless, all beef frank that grills up kinda nice and tastes good too.

Here's my Fenway Frank on the grill...

And here I am 


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